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  • Direct Primary Care
  • Comprehensive Health Improvement Program

Bahamas Wellness is based on a vision to provide quality and convenient health care at an affordable cost.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model that replaces the complex and costly billing system of our current insurance-based health care. This allows the focus to shift from billing and finances to personalized health care with no hidden fees, all for an affordable monthly membership.

DPC is not health insurance, it is health care. With your membership, you get a direct lifelong relationship with your own private family doctor, to help you and your family get and stay healthy.

At Bahamas Wellness, our doctors understand that building effective relationships requires time to get to know each patient, and thus we limit the number of patients assigned to each doctor. The evidence is clear, fewer patients per doctor, results in a more satisfying healthcare experience for you and your doctor.


  • Direct access via phone, email, text message or video conferences.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • On-call after-hours and weekends for emergencies.
  • Zero to minimal waiting time in office.


  • Small practice size for personalized care.
  • Healthcare focused on wellness.
  • Extended office visits.
  • Personal relationship with your doctor.


  • No co-payments for personal doctor visits.
  • Diagnostic test discounted (Routine Labs X-rays, EKGs).

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a research-tested, intensive lifestyle medicine intervention solution designed to prevent, arrest, and facilitate the reversal of many common chronic diseases. Founded in 1987 by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, CHIP has impacted tens of thousands of participants and generated more than 40+ published scientific articles. CHIP is a community-based intervention program that uses behavioral change principles, education in an entertaining style, and modern adult learning tools to help participants make fundamental lifestyle changes that are proven to lower key risk factors. CHIP is a powerful disease reversal tool that disrupts and curtails the rising chronic disease rates and improve an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

Bahamas Wellness has adapted a version of CHIP we feel is more personalized for our Bahamian clients.

Led by doctors and nutritionists trained in Lifestyle Medicine, hundreds of Bahamians have now successfully completed our program with most of them seeing a dramatic reduction in their need for medications and in many cases the reversal of their chronic illnesses including obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Join the movement. Change your Lifestyle, Change your Life!

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  • Advanced Urgent Care
  • Virtual Health Care

Emergencies are never planned.

Bahamas Wellness offers the most advanced and modern urgent care facilities available on Eleuthera, including emergency trained physicians and nurses, on-site emergency labs, EKGs, digital x-rays and emergency drugs.

Our Urgent Care Services are focused on convenience, affordable services, and immediate responses to your health emergencies, available 24/7.

Your personal doctor, wellness coach or even your specialist are now accessible in your hands or desk-top, in the comfort and privacy of your home, office or even on vacation. 

At Bahamas Wellness, we have made it more convenient that ever to get the healthcare you need, when and where you need it.

  • On-Site Laboratory
  • Digital X-Rays

When you require lab testing, you desire a location that offers convenient, affordable, confidential and quick results.

Our capacity to provide a growing list of routine and emergency onsite laboratory testing and screening services not only minimize wait times for results, but also decrease the cost related to travel to Nassau.

Most importantly, rapid accurate on-site lab testing saves lives. 

Experience the Bahamas Wellness difference, reliable Laboratory Services, available when you need it.

Bahamas Wellness offers world class x-ray services in collaboration with Doctors Hospital.

Our digital x-ray system mean we can confidentially share high quality images with our radiology specialist for expert interpretation and consultation in the management of your health concern.  

  • Ultrasounds
  • Electrocardiograms

Bahamas Wellness offers world class diagnostic ultrasound services in collaboration with Doctors Hospital.

Our specialist radiologists use ultrasound as a safe effective diagnostic tool for a wide variety of conditions including detailed pregnancy scans, pelvic, abdominal, thyroid, breast, vascular and soft tissue scans.

An electrocardiogram or ECG is a diagnostic tool to evaluate heart conditions including heart attacks. At Bahamas Wellness, we offer ECGs for routine or emergency management, interpreted by our experienced well-trained physicians, in collaboration with Dr. Bimal Francis, a world class interventional cardiologist.

  • Advanced Pregnancy Care
  • Women’s Health Care

Having a baby is one of life’s most joyous and exciting moments. It can also be overwhelming.

Our Pregnancy Care services are led by Dr. Simone Sealy, a board-certified OB/GYN with many years of experience.

Dr. Sealy is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

She currently serves as a Senior Registrar at the Princess Margaret Hospital where she works diligently and passionately providing quality service to a diverse microcosm of women, and as a member of the consultant staff at Doctors Hospital.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sealy today and begin your journey with us.

Bahamas Wellness delivers compassionate, comprehensive care to women throughout Eleuthera.

Led by our board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Simone Sealy, the team offers a wide array of innovative treatments, therapies, and in-office procedures.

From preconception counseling, pregnancy care, and birth control to gynecological procedures, in-office hysteroscopy, ablations, and hormonal consultations, Bahamas Wellness has the skills, facility, and resources to suit every patient’s unique needs.

  • Pediatricians/Child Health Care
  • Men’s Health Care

Infancy, childhood and adolescence are incredibly important periods in healthy development. As a parent, you can assist your child during these exciting, and sometimes challenging years, by working closely with your pediatrician to establish healthy behaviors, follow preventive care guidelines and manage common illnesses and injuries.

Our Child Healthcare services team is led by our Pediatrician Dr. Lashan McKenzie-Boyd, offering a full range of services, from newborn care and well-child visits to immunizations and sick kids care.

In order to live your best, you want to feel your best, and our approach to total men’s health care can help.

At Bahamas Wellness, we help you prevent illness by helping you look at the whole picture, including your daily routine, responsibilities, behaviors, what you eat and how much sleep you get.

We’ll give you guidance and support from regular screenings and checkups to advanced treatments if necessary, through our network of highly trained specialists.

We are your men’s health care partner, get started today, the sooner the better.

  • Dentists/Orthodontist
  • Vision/Eye Care

Bahamas Wellness and Dental House have partnered to provide comprehensive dental coverage for every bite and budget.

Prevent, treat and finance your dental care, all under one roof. 

Schedule your appointment today.

Bahamas Wellness offers world-class eye care services delivered by our board-certified optometrist Dr. Anita Brown Dean. Dr. Dean offers:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Contact Lens Exams including Bifocals and Keratoconus Fittings
  • Glaucoma Testing
  • Low Vision Aids and Evaluations

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  • Mental Health Care
  • Surgical/Procedure Center

Dr. John Dillett is a distinguished Consultant Psychiatrist and Mental Health Professional, who is also the National Director for Forensic Mental Health Services for The Bahamas. He received his Medical and Specialty degrees from The University of The West Indies and his Sub-Specialty degree from The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He serves as an Associate Lecturer for The University of The West Indies.

His vast experience enables him to offer effective outpatient, inpatient, individualized, psychiatric medical care for many of the most complex mental health disorders.

Dr. Dillet provides therapy for a wide range of mental health illnesses including Depression, Anxiety &Psychosis; Trauma & PTSD; and Relationships & Family Crisis.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Bahamas Wellness offers affordable ambulatory surgical and outpatient procedures in partnership with Dr. Ross Downes and the Surgi-Center in Nassau.

Dr. Downes specializes in a variety of surgical procedures, with minimally invasive techniques that helps you avoid travel to Nassau or hospital stays.

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