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How to lose 3lbs in three days

If you’re like most of us living in The Bahamas then you know how different this year has been. Our normal routines have been replaced with days at home doing the exact opposite of what most of us would have been doing if things were normal. Many of our exercise routines, diets, lifestyle, and goals have been put on hold and in many cases set back entirely. As a result, some of us have put on a few extra pounds or noticed some stubborn health issues resurfacing itself again. At Bahamas Wellness we understand that our communities benefit from high-quality health-related information specific to their challenges.

We wrote this article to help jump-start your weight loss journey at home during this time.



If you normally have a heavy meal to start the day like most of us living in The Bahamas, you may benefit from eating breakfast late. How is eating breakfast late going to help me lose 3lbs-in 3 days? Is probably the question on your mind right now. Well, to answer the question first we have to talk about fasting, intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating. All of these new and trendy concepts surrounding fasting are more or less the same thing, essentially we realized that the fewer hours we spend eating the more fat we can burn. When we restrict the amount of time our patients spend eating during the day in our Wellness Program, they notice more significant weight loss results. With this method, individuals notice weight loss without eating less food or without eating healthier at all. Time-restricted eating works even better when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine. How can you implement time-restricted eating starting tomorrow? Well, it’s simple all you have to do is have your breakfast 2-3 hours later and have dinner 2-3 hours earlier. After trying time-restricted eating for the first time many of our Members in our Wellness & Weightloss Program notice they are hungry less, feel full longer, sleep better, have more energy, notice faster weight loss, and are motivated to keep on working toward their goals.


I’m sure you are not surprised that we mentioned exercise. After all, it is one of the most effective ways to transform your body and stimulate weight loss in the presence of a healthy diet. There is actually more research on the internet about exercise than diet. Regardless of how much information is out there we still see many of our members doing outdated versions of their favorite exercises. Most of the patients and members that have trouble losing a few pounds generally exercise daily. However, most people aren’t doing the best type of exercise for their weight loss goals. Many of us do what we call Steady State Cardio for about 30 minutes to an hour. Moderate Intensity Steady State (MISS) is a type of exercise done at the same intensity or pace over a period of time; common examples are walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. These exercises are great but if you’re not getting results you may want to try a different method. The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method is a different way to do your favorite exercises but helps you get more results in the same amount of time especially when we work various body parts. In other words, if you were to do a 30-minute Full Body HIIT on youtube without leaving home you may be able to get the same results as a 1-hour Walk in your neighborhood. Patients in our program generally talk about how much more fun, engaging, and helpful HIIT exercise can be toward their weight loss goals.


Most of us here in The Bahamas has great aspirations for the health of our bodies and minds. If you had to choose between damaging your health or positively impacting yourself we’re sure you would choose to improve your health if it was possible or if you knew how. Most people want to feel good, have lots of energy, not worry, and maintain a good healthy mood. Sometimes life gets in the way of our goals and not having a practical solution can be discouraging for future attempts at progress. This last tip is one of the easiest and most impactful changes you could make to help you lose a few pounds. Replacing processed fattening carbohydrates/starches like grits, bread, wraps, pasta and white rice with low carb options like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, kale, and lettuce can result in quick weight loss if your diet is high in starches, oil, and non-homecooked meals. When we significantly adjust how much excess carbohydrates the body has to process on a daily basis we notice that persons not only lose weight much faster, they also experience: more energy, better sleep, better blood sugars, better blood pressures and they feel full longer between meals once their changes are done properly.

If you want to try this starting tomorrow you can do some of the following:-

  1. Replace grits with sauteed veggies.
  2. Replace fries and a sandwich with a salad.
  3. Replace white rice and pasta with broccoli and other greens.

Look out for more articles on topics like how to lose weight, lower blood pressure at home, increase your energy without buying supplements. If you have a topic that you would like us to write about send us an email: justice@bahamaswellness.org

Let us know on Facebook what you think about this article. Share it with your friends and family that are trying to fit into that new dress. If this information resonates with you, schedule a consultation with our wellness team we are happy to get you well.

Justice Brown, CHHC

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